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Air Mass Meter Options 200 1989

After being out of Volvo for a little while, I bought a 1985 245 wagon for my middle son two years ago. It has been going well, but started stalling in the morning when started up. I suspected the AMM as I could wiggle the connection and make the idle change. Yesterday I bought a 1989 245 wagon with a M47 5 speed transmission with a bad alternator and battery. I started it with a boost box several times (I work in a European shop now, since 2009). It runs perfectly, so I swapped the AMMs out since my son is about to start college and the 85 now runs perfectly and the 89 stumbles on cold start, verifying my suspicions the AMM is bad. I have been out of the 240 scene for years, and I see new air mass meters for $400 on worldpac, and I see Spectra brand that are new style air mass meters with the proper connection and threaded boss for the 2.3 for substantially cheaper on eBay. How well do these work? I bought the 89 for an everyday beater, so I don't want to spend a bunch on a new AMM at this time if one of the Spectras will work. And I would not mind a good used one as I can instantly plug it in and see if it works but I don't see those like I used to.


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New Air Mass Meter Options [200][1989]
posted by  arkie  on Tue Aug 8 06:30 CST 2017 >

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