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1990 240 A/C compressor R&R - what is this thingy?

I have seen a few posts to do with A/C here recently. Must be the season. ;-)
I have been doing a comprehensive A/C rebuild, including dash removal, new blower fan and resistor, new heater valve (D. Samuaels unit), check and repair of vacuum motors, new evaporator and TXV. Now I am on the under the hood part of the job.

An FYI about this job -
I had to remove the air intake snorkle with the MAF in it and the air filter box to get the old compressor out. Some unbolting from under the car, some from above. The power steering pump is right in the way but I wanted to avoid pulling that. The instructions in Haynes and Bentley don't mention this, as if they all worked on cars with no power steering.

The old compressor is marked as DKS-15BH, which I take it to mean it is a Diesel-Kiki. The wire for the clutch has a square plastic object in the middle of it which is attached to a metal mounting ear. The new compressor has a plastic object mounted on the side of the body and a short wire coming out with a crimp butt-splice ready to accept the OEM wire with it's harness connector. Is it safe assume the square plastic object has the same purpose on both compressor, so I do not need to cut the old wire so as to keep that thing in the circuit still? What is that thingy? Some sort of fuse maybe?

The new compressor is about 1.5" shorter then the original and this means that the rear bracket has to mount on the other side of the mounting ears or the A/C hose nuts will not fit on the outlet nipples. I don't expect this to be a problem, but I will report if it is.

The new compressor came in a gpd box with a handwritten "4 Seasons" on it. The sticker on it say MCP. Does that mean anything to any of you?


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New 1990 240 A/C compressor R&R - what is this thingy?
posted by  Broos  on Sat Aug 5 16:55 CST 2017 >

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