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Ignition problems,,,,again 200 1989

First, thanks for the advice on the exhaust system to those who responded. I ended up getting the front connection of the header pipe off, but ended up taking my car to a mechanic to remove the rust welded catalytic connection. It was a donut connection and I ended up getting a new catalytic...ugh.

Anyways, more problems. I have been experiencing an ignition problem of late. I took a long road trip recently and on the way back the car would not start up right away. I thought it was a fuel problem and traced my fuel line from pump to connector to main harness and found that it was slightly loose. I tightened it up and thought this was helping as it started up well.

Of late, the old problem has resurfaced where it will start, maybe not on the initial stroke, but within two-three, when started from being cold. But, it will need revving to stay running and will kill sometimes. SOmetimes it starts right back up no problem, but it also will not start right back up sometimes and need to sit for 5 minutes til it will start again and run decently.

I think it is my ignition coil and a serious tune-up need. I plan on changing out the sparkplugs, rotor and distributor cap. Also, I will be running thru some of the tests and voltage tests outlined by the Bentley book.
To make matters more annoying the OBD unit is not spitting out any codes for with the test lead in the #2 socket.


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New Ignition problems,,,,again [200][1989]
posted by  stallison  on Wed Aug 2 18:57 CST 2017 >

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