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radio & head liner 444-544

I recently bought a 61 544. Best I can tell the car has not been on the road since the very early 90"s, my initial goal was to get it functional so it at least would move from point A to Point B. Inside the trunk was a mass of components, everything from transmissions, starters, brake parts and a Bendix radio. The radio is a push button am radio that the outer shell say's" made exclusively for Volvo. The only other stamping on the radio is 6BVO -014423, I have no idea if this was the original radio or even if it's a 6 volt set up. I tried to power it up with 6 volts but don't know if I even had the wiring correct. It has a black wire coming out of the case, and two, what appear to be speaker wires, also coming out. The black wire is soldered to the radio case. Using a 6 volt source I was able to actually get the radio light to come on, but not knowing what the wiring should be I stopped. Does anyone have the knowledge about what model the radio might be for a web site link that could provide me with more information? The head liner is also completely shot and I was wondering if anyone as done something different other that replacing the head liner with a stock replacement.


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New radio & head liner [444-544]
posted by  Zkoop  on Mon Jul 31 22:06 CST 2017 >

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