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1979 245 Radio replacement/wiring 200 1979

I just got this lovely beast that came with an old BOSS (remember these)head unit that did not work, and just filled the hole for the radio. I got a new head unit etc but I can't figure out the wiring at all. The car only has two speakers so figuring those wires is easy. The only thing that is left (besides the antenna) is one black wire an one white wire that both feed into the same connector.

I run the volt tester on each one and d not get power from either of them.
Continuity tester shows no breaks in either wire.

All the pillar fuses are fine.

Am is missing something? Is there another fuse somewhere I could be missing?
Is this just dreaded 70's Volvo wiring?

Any help is appreciated.


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New 1 1979 245 Radio replacement/wiring [200][1979]
posted by  H2oman  on Wed Apr 12 06:49 CST 2017 >

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