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940 tailgate struts grumble 900

Ive noticed on a lot of car parts sites the hit for my car gives me:

I bought some tailgate struts for my Volvo from GSF and entering my reg no. Got the following and assuming it was right . . . received the wrong ones.

Volvo 940 1993 945 󞩶-1995] Estate Estate 2.0 Turbo 1986ccm 155HP 114KW (Petrol)

the difference was the connectors on the ends are slightly cranked on the new ones, straight on the old ones. Phoned up supplier for an argument and was told the 945 was a variant and so my fault for having bought them. After more arguing they agreed to pick them up as I bought them through eBay and I guess they didn't really want the bad publicity. I thought the whole thing was a bit rubbish as they had my reg. no. anyway.

Do any of you knowledgable fellows know if the 945 is the only variant available in the UK anyway in case of future punch ups with parts sellers? It would be good to know as most of them claim all their parts will fit the space shuttle if you scroll down far enough in the compatibility list!

many thanks


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New 940 tailgate struts grumble [900]
posted by  pierso  on Mon Mar 20 12:58 CST 2017 >

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