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Blinking arrow and WSE switch! 900

Hi guys,

I have 1995 (manuf. late 1994) volvo 960. It is in limp mode (blinking arrow and mode selector switch (WSE) flashing. I had read the codes and they are:

A1 232 missing speed signal

A1 114 mode selector circuit faulty (not 313 for PNP).

The RPM, Speedometer cluster works normally, no engine light, no ABS lights. I drained and replaced the transmission fluid, earlier I got another code (332) faulty SL solenoid, which I replace with new one, and now this code is cleared.

I tested the green-gray wire from the instrument cluster to the TCM and showed continuity with resistance Ohms change from 1 to 0.01.

I cleaned the rear diff. sensor and it seems ok.

I cleaned the PNP switch and evened the teeth inside. although I didnt have any issues with getting out of park, no starting, or no reverse light.

I ordered WSE switch, put I am really puzzled now! The car has only 91000miles


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New Blinking arrow and WSE switch! [900]
posted by  Ozzy Oz  on Tue Feb 14 21:28 CST 2017 >

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