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B234F (interference) broken timing belt - Rods damaged? 700 1989

So.... That sketchy 740GLE I bought with the cam seal leak broke its timing belt within 300 miles of me buying it. I had a new belt and was waiting for a weekend and tensioner tool....

Anyway, I was decelerating at about 1500 rpm and heard what sounds like a large electric circular starting (HRRRRk). Engine died... belt was obviously broken.

Obviously some valves are definitely bent. I haven't looked yet to see if any pistons are holed, but I have a borescope that hooks to my laptop and I'll take a look before I remove anything.

Is the damage probably just to valves and the head and tops of the pistons? Am I looking at more than fixing the head and grinding off some gouges in the piston tops? Can the rods have bent from a valve/piston collision?

If the lower end is 99% likely just fine, I may pull the head and fix it. If we're talking piston, rod, or rod bearing problems, I'm just going to sell the car.

I'm going to sell the car in a few months either way. I have a nice interior to put in it, but the engine trumps all of that.



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New B234F (interference) broken timing belt - Rods damaged? [700][1989]
posted by  Will740turbo  on Sun Feb 5 16:03 CST 2017 >

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