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To sell, or not to sell... 1800 1970

As I pass age 70 and begin the process of de-accessing, I'm toying, only toying, with the idea of selling my 1970E. Car is in "excellent" shape, both cosmetically and mechanically, and everything on it has been kept up and works. I put "excellent" in quotes because I know there are judging ratings that I don't fully understand and I don't want to rely on hyperbole. By my standards, this is a very high-end driver, although it is often mistaken for a show car by the uninitiated. As with all 1800s, it has its minor flaws and idiosyncrasies.

I also say "toying" because it's a mind vs heart thing. I sold my first 1800 to a friend and then had to look at it, heartbroken, for 15 years before an extensive search found me another. So I know what I'm in for, emotionally. Still, while it's running good and in good shape, and while the market is good, I would consider parting with it, along with the estimated $2k worth of spares in the basement.

In any case, I'd rather start my search for a new owner here than on eBay, as I want to ensure that whoever buys this car has the requisite knowledge and respect to preserve it. So, if you, or anyone you know, want to begin a discussion, I'm ready to be contacted offline at the email address listed in my profile. The car is located in Lititz, PA.


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New To sell, or not to sell... [1800][1970]
posted by  Dave B  on Sun Feb 5 14:05 CST 2017 >

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