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1998 V90 PS pump noisy - replacement/rebuild options ... S90-V90

Good day to everyone.
PS pump become more noisy - no leak at all, good handling and worked as need to be. Fluid changed a couple of times, strong neodymium magnet ( from hard drive ) inside PS fluid reservoir , almost zero particles on him. Long research got me some info: Saginaw was OE PS pump for my V90 .The Saginaw Division is group with other GM component units went into Automotive Components Group. GM in 1999 spun off its parts group as Delphi Automotive Systems, Inc. including Saginaw Steering. Saginaw Division was renamed Delphi Steering. With Delphi entering a lengthy bankruptcy proceeding, GM purchased Delphi Steering through their subsidiary, GM Global Steering Holdings LLC, in 2009 and renamed the company, Nexteer Automotive. Nexteer was acquired by Pacific Century Motors on November 29, 2010. Long story short - there is no more OE brand new PS pump for my V90. What available from Volvo dealers - only reman PS pump. Through Eeuroparts , FCP Euro and other - available reman units and also " good looking " China made brand new PS pump that looks like original OE Saginaw PS pump ... BUT CHINA ... Here is example : ( http://www.gasgoo.com/showroom/natelix/auto-products/1706990.html ) And, many autoparts web pages offering reman units from different rebuilders across US. Read so many PROS & CONS about restored units and new aftermarket PS pump ... Have to choose something - but which one ... Bone yard always have some PS to try ... One idea is to get rebuild kit with bearings and seals ... and then i find this gentlemen AMAZING investigation ( http://www.offroadsc.com/showthread.php?563-Power-Steering-Pump-Tech ) about GM PS pump with pictures. Now i wonder - if my PS pump have cams, rotor and vanes inperfection or not and can that inperfection be a source for noise or only bearings ... So, have to make decision BF snow and freeze come ...


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New 1998 V90 PS pump noisy - replacement/rebuild options ... [S90-V90]
posted by  Uree  on Wed Aug 12 16:50 CST 2015 >

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