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Xena takes a road trip - issues 120-130 1967

Mary and I are just back from a road trip with c.a.'s old car, Xena, ( '67 220, ~400,000 miles, M40 + OD ) to the western slope of the Rockies. Just under 3400 miles in about 10 days, 27.72 mpg avg. The hiking and wildflowers were simply amazing.

There were several issues that came up during the trip. Overall, the car ran great. It did run out of motor on the big hills at 8000+ feet, but, generally, it more than kept up with traffic.

1) Foremost is the driver's seat (Mary never complained about her side). There is a spot about where my billfold goes that just hurts after the first half a day. I think it is due partly to the wornout seat, but mostly being stuck in one position holding the accelerator. Are there better seats that fit ? Or ?

2) The oil gets dirty quickly (1000 miles), and there is a fair amount of smoke on long downhill runs in 3rd or 4th gear (avg. 800 miles per qt of oil). I do like the way that the motor comes up on the cam at ~4000 rpm. It has a great sound and you can feel it pull harder, but it could be time for a rebuild. Reliability is important since I'm not looking for problems 1500 miles from home, and being fun to drive is a very close second.

Speaking of which, how did the 240 turn out to be such a pig ? This old wagon is fun to drive and gets around corners pretty well. I was surprised how well it handled. Tailgaters generally were not a problem. My 245 would by laying upside down in a ravine somewhere out there if it could ever muster enough courage to climb the hills. Volvo lost their way a long time ago.

Back to the topic - rebuilding the motor in a fairly stock configuration, is there a difference in the cam grind for the A, B, and D motors ? If so, was one much better than the others ?

Are there good quality (NOS ?) oversize pistons and bearings available at a somewhat affordable price for a mere mortal?

3) The Wasa locking gas cap leaks and stinks up the car on a full tank. Shimming it up helped, but has anyone found a working replacemnt gasket ? Do the stock, non locking caps leak ?

4) The transmission drops out of third when there is no load on the transmission (downhill and lightly on the brakes runs for example). Shot synchro ? If so, are new 3rd gear synchros available for the M40 transmission ? If not, is undercutting the engagement dogs a solution ?

5) I didn't think that the Weber DGV did a great job ( too rich at altitude, flooded on hot starts, lumpy transitions, etc. ). Are two SUs more driver friendly ? Or just another carb system to figure out ?

6)1st and 2nd gears were perfect for pulling up steep slopes at high altitude. Other than that they were way too short most of the time. The gap to 3rd seems like a long ways. Is that the way the M40 transmissions were set up or were there alternative gear sets available ?

7) The trip meter kind of works, but not really. Are they repairable ? If so, are there parts ?

I did find 4 cars in Phillip South Dakota. There might be enough to make one good car, except there is no glass and the interiors are shot. But a 2 door S model could be even more fun...




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