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93 940 Diagnostic Help Before Purchase 900 1993

Hello all,

I finally have another option to purchase another Volvo, however, this one has a potential issue id like some clarification on.

The Volvo is a 93 940 2.3 NA with the Regina Ignition and Fuel system. It has 256k miles.

The issue with the vehicle is that there is no power when you accelerate. It falls flat on its face if you 'stomp' on the accelerator pedal.

The only codes on the vehicle are for the o2 sensor. (after jumping pin 2 and pin 6).

After checking the fuel pressure at the schrader valve on the fuel rail with the engine running, i am only getting 28 PSI. If i 'goose' the throttle, the pressure will drop slightly on the gauge. Also removing the vacuum hose from the FPR, the PSI only raises by 1 PSI.

I also checked fuel pressure at the schrader valve before the fuel filter and my readings were the same.

Also i did crimp off the return line after the FPR and again, no change in fuel pressure.

What i am confused about is what is the correct fuel system pressure?

I was under the assumption it was 43.5 PSI engine idling?. Other places i have found online state between 28 and 44 PSI.

So i can i safely assume the pump is the culprit IF the system pressure is supposed to be 43.5 PSI? I would also like to assume the fuel pressure on this regina fuel system should increase as the throttle is opened?

I have 20" vacuum, 155 PSI on all cylinders after a compression test, the Volvo has a new timing belt, fuel filter and all new ignition wires and plugs (denso).

The only 2 tests i did not do are a fuel pump amp test as well as a voltage drop test on the feed and ground side of the fuel pump.

Thanks for any feed back guys and gals!


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New 93 940 Diagnostic Help Before Purchase [900][1993]
posted by  dreamer1uk  on Fri Apr 6 23:04 CST 2012 >

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