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dumb and world's most basic Q's 120-130 1965

OK---I'm going to sound like a complete dope, but I'd rather do that than cause damage/expensive repairs.
Bought this car in 2003, sold it to a friend in 2006 and a few months ago he gave it back to me. Anyway, I've owned similar vintage VWs for 25 years, but obviously, many things are different with a volvo. Even with the Haynes manual, a carb manual, a downloaded volvo manual and yet another manual, I am still lacking the confidence to tackle jobs that I can do blindfolded on the VW. So here are my

1. I can tell from all the oil leaking that I have to use gasket glue on the valve covers----are you supposed to put it on one or both sides of the cork valve cover gasket----not looking forward to having to scrape that crap off later, but wow---being able to adjust valves in three minutes without having to crawl around in the dirt? Awesome!

2. How do you adjust the rear breaks and the emergency brake? When I got her back from my buddy---after 5 years of not so benign neglect---i did a tune up but had to take it in for an entirely new exhaust system, u joints, and tie rod. The fella said the rear brakes were kind of locking up or dragging, so he backed them off. Anyway, the e-brake does nothing, so it, and is in need of an adjustment. Rather than the "adjusting stars" I am familiar with, what am I looking for underneath the car to adjust those rear brakes---and which way do I turn it? The manuals I have are either unclear or confused. While the pedal is firm, the car seems to take more distance than it should to stop, and seems to drift first left, then right in a stop.

3. Separately, what would cause the car's wheels to squeal like during a 1960s american police drama when making a turn at a low-ish speed


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