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Lights Dim Under Acceleration 200 1984

Hello everyone. Happy Thanksgivings! While coming home from the family gathering I noticed my dashlights and gas/temp gauges started to dim until they were almost off/dead. I think I saw today that this also effected the headlights a bit. This all occured while on the freeway at speed and while under moderate to hard acceleration. The second I let off the pedal today, the headlights snapped back to full brightness. I should note that approximately a month or less ago I started getting a squeal from the engine bay. I havent had time to track it down but the sound only occurs under acceleration and gets worse under heavier acceleration, eventually going away after driving like this for about 30-45 minutes. Then its fine until it cools down for awhile. ALL of my accessory belts, the timing belt, the accessory mounting bushings, and the timing belt tensioner are less than 6 months old.

So! Ive taught my self how to do any work on vehicles thanks to my Bentley book but I am in no way a mechanic. Does this sound like an alternator problem? Perhaps the squeal is the alternator pulley? It looks fairly old. Or is this a case of an old battery and an unrelated annoying noise? I'll try to get down to the local Schucks tomorrow incase they do free battery tests. Thanks in advance folks! You've been a great help in the past!


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