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Cooling system problem 120-130

My 122 has been at the body shop for a few years, I'm getting ready to drive it on out of there, but running into a problem. Installed an electrical temp gauge, which indicates the car is running between 200 and 210 degrees (while idling).

Trying to determine if problem is temp gauge, thermostat, waterpump, or something else. Tried 2 different gauges, both give exact same readings.

Radiator has no blockage that I'm aware of, was rodded out a few years back.

Removed 180 degree thermostat, to see if temp would drop while running the engine, but it doesn't drop below 200 degrees. Put thermostat in boiling water; opens up as it should.

Waterpump has 1000 miles on it, no leaking, no extra play evident. When I ran engine without the thermostat, I removed radiator cap to see what was going on inside radiator. While the car is idling, I see the water/ antifreeze mix bubble a bit, but when I give it a bit of gas/ rev engine up, there is absolutely no movement whatsoever in the fluid, level isn't swirling/ bubbling/ being sucked down, etc...

I'm not sure if the movement I'm seeing in fluid at idle is due to vibration.

Could this indicate a waterpump failure? Anything else I should check? Fannbelt is at proper tension. FWIW, I have the early style cooling system.


New Cooling system problem [120-130]
posted by  movingon  on Thu Aug 28 13:38 CST 2008 >

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