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Back In the Saddle. Killer 1972 P1800e Too long 8*) 1800 1972


Its been awhile since I have been heard from.Lots of issues.
But I own a '93 245 RED and what used to be the most amazing P1800e.
Neither are on the road right now.

I see a name here and there I recognize from the ancient days of
SwedishBricks and other places. So both kids are grown and out of the house over the past year. I live in aa rural, very overgrown area, and the car has suffered for lying dormant for at least 5 years if not more. It was already a bondo baby and some is starting to show. When last alive, I had taken the engine (overboard, dual valve springs, stroker crank, ) and trans out of a 142 thAT A friend had wrecked, and took the BW35 and engine out, and in went the other engine, which soon after I found out just how strong the new engine was, when I accellerated too fast and blew the M41. So out it came, totally rebuilt with as much new parts as possible, and back in, and yes, I had a very nice car.

Then came the divorce, I immediately sold it to a friend, so ex wife couldn't get here hands on it, but I could drive the car, which was really nice, but then, raising the two kids by myself took priority, the car sat, and three months ago I had it towed to my work, sitting off street, on asphalt , and now bakes in the sun.

Sorry to run on.
1)car cover
3 Clean and replace fuses and fuse \box'
4) Gas tank was emptied and cleaned couple of years ago

Was thinking of converting the ignition to something more modern (???)
And go from there.

I am hoping I can stay focused on this as once running, it will all be worth it.

Thank you for your time

Bill Marriott
Marin County
SF bay area


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posted by  bmarriott1800  on Sun Jun 23 14:04 CST 2019 >

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