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The original post is dated year 2003.

Know the conditions ice forms on road surfaces.

Some call it black ice as it is unseen. Yet whether could light, day light, or head light, the black ice can sparkle and have a sheen to it when coating the otherwise dull or matte surface of pavement be it asphalt or concrete.

Air with moisture hanging over colder bare pavement. Condensation forms and freezes. Ice crystals coating the pavement surface.

Snow tires with the snowflake on the sidewall are made of softer carbon-rubber compounds than all-sneezin' (oop, sorry for the funny), all-season tires.

The worst sort of road surface ice coating is where in prior hours before the freeze is rain coated surfaces, where liquid water coats the road surface, or water emanates in streams or trickles from above road grade. A rapid temperature drop of the air mass can freeze that, and it is less likely to sparkle like air moisture condensating as black ice in a period before air temperature drop. Black ice from liquid moisture coating a road surface that rapidly freezes will not sparkly much if at all. The ice crystals are more uniform and do not reflect the sparkly back no matter the light source the motor-car operator sees.

Also, variations air mass humidity in a cold period or cold air mass 'wave' or snap can form black ice that can sparkle. Melting and freezing may have effect as to appearance.

Friction compound tire models Matt TheBrickTank mentions may better than the older studded snow tires. Studs, so I read, and have experienced, reduce the tire tread contact with the road surface.

Also not so certain a limited slip or locking differential may be best. Unless the motorist knows what to expect on a turn or when the wheel that to usually drive the auto forward loses contact resistance so the slip or lock engages if below the release speed. Volvo factory limited slip will release traction at 25 MPH or above. Yet engagement of the limited slip, and disengagement, can be a wee bit unnerving on a treacherous driving surface be it ice, snow, mud, gravel ...

Sloe down, give room to the car in front of you by some to many car lengths and motor slowly or no faster than posted speed limits, and usually well below.

Snow Tire Sources - the info is a little dated

200-series was fitted with limited slip or 'anti-spin' as a dealer option and maybe from the factory. No locking diffs on 200 from dealer or factory so far as I know.
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