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1988 240 B200F rough startup, good idle once starts, chokes on gas 200 1988

Before I start, I should state that I am *not* a good mechanic, my knowledge and skills are quite limited but I've gotten everything done in the past just fine, learning as I go.

Hello, BB. I feel like you are my last hope by now. I have asked around so many places, I've tried a lot of things but nothing so far has helped at all.

Let's start with my symptoms:

I drove my beloved 240 (B200F, M45 manual box) the night before the problem. It was indeed quite wet that day and some snow & slush on the ground too. I drove around, came back home and parked. Next morning I tried to start it, it tries to start but only coughs a bit every now&then, won't fire up. I ran out of battery.

First thought that crossed my mind was fuel pump relay, so I bought a new one. Nothing. However, we got the car to run at least, it needed to be started with cables as my battery was dead and I have no charger + I don't think my battery has enough kick anymore to start it in this condition.

So we got the car running, it was quite a rough start and needed to be held at ~1.5k rpm's for a bit so it wouldn't die. After that however, it ran on idle like nothing is wrong.

That was a month ago, since then I've tried many things but it's always the same. Startup is quite rough and once it idles, it idles like new. It accepts some gas, I have no tach so I'm not sure but I'd say at about 2k-2.5k rpm's it will just choke and die unless I let off the gas. I let the gas off and it will idle again, with zero issues. (EDIT: Sometimes, rarely though, it backfires when applying that 2+k rpm's)

Here's some stuff I've swapped:

*Fuel Pump Relay
*Fuel filter, if there are 2 filters, the one I changed is the one at the rear&under the car, next to the fuel pump
*All fuses that I deemed have anything to do with the engine/car running, none were blown though
*Spark plugs, didn't change cables
*Distributor cap + rotating arm
*Air filter
*Crank sensor, old cable was damaged, still no difference

I've searched for vacuum leaks, haven't found any at least yet.

I think I need to mention the car also had the timing belt swapped ~1k miles ago. I got it done in a reputable mechanic shop because I don't trust my own skills with that job.

Excuse the wall of text. I hope someone out there took the time to read it and maybe has some knowledge that could help. Willing to paypal some beer money for whoever can help me fix this mess :P Thanks - Christian


New 1 1988 240 B200F rough startup, good idle once starts, chokes on gas [200][1988]
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