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halogen headlamp replacement 444-544

I've been getting way to deep into headlamp replacement...

Struck a deer a while back and am getting the car sorted out. I just noticed that one of the headlamps was replaced with a different brand. Works just fine but the difference from side to side bothers me.

Looking up alternatives I see that both Cibie and Hella offer 'conversion kits' using H4 halogen bulbs. Sounds good to me but I notice that per my wiring diagram (Volvo original, Green Service Manual), the low/high beam combination is 40W/45W. It appears that the H4 Halogens are 60W/65W.

Any suggestions? Will the higher wattage bulbs draw too much power through my ancient wiring / relay / switches? Are there lower wattage Halogens available?

I really do like the look of the Cibies or Hellas and would prefer to go that route if possible.

Thank you.
KaiS - 1967 12V P210.


New 1 halogen headlamp replacement [444-544]
posted by  longhorizon  on Sun May 5 14:20 CST 2019 >

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