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temporary bypass neutral safety swirch 200 1990


On 1992 and earlier models there is a wire that comes out of the wiring harness, going to nowhere. The harness I’m talking about is connected onto the front of the firewall under the hood.
It is very close to the engine oil dip stick or the transmission oil stick.
It will have an insulated female spade tip.
The wire overrides or bypasses the ignition switch. It will roll over the starter only!
All it needs is a connection to the positive post on the battery.
You will want to only temporarily hook one end to power as you don’t need to roll the starter for very long.
Make sure you are in park or neutral before applying power!
If the solenoid has good internal contacts and if plunger stroke is pushing onto the them, the Bendix engagement gear will then engage the flywheel.
If you put the key in # 2 position the engine will start and run, if it’s all is working.

Yes, you can remove the solenoid from the starter without removing the starter motor itself.
It has three Phillips head screws on the rear of the housing that are in there pretty tight. It takes a ver short screwdriver or a 1/4” drive bit and ratchet to get enough torque applied to get them out in most cases if they have never been removed before. You have to keep pressure on the driver to keep it engaged but it can be done once cracked.

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New temporary bypass neutral safety swirch [200][1990]
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