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Courtenay Volvo garage parts available

I have just returned from visiting the Courtenay Car Centre in Courtenay, British Columbia. Unfortunately the owner [one of the good guys] died last January and everything is now being cleared off the premises. The owner was a Volvo and British car [and Lada!] enthusiast so there are many parts available to be sold off. Unfortunately they are not categorized so you are really on your own when you get to the garage to take a look around. The Volvo parts have been separated from the British car parts but that is about it.

The chap conducting the sell off is knowledgeable about the cars but is handcuffed by a lack of information about part numbers, etc., and he is doing his best to get the parts into the hands of people who need them at a reasonable price. This is all coming to an end on Tuesday next when the remaining parts will be sent to the dump.

I bought a couple of radio antennas for my 960 but it would be a shame to see these parts being thrown away. The man conducting the sale is George Boldick and his phone number is 250 792 3908. He is no super salesman. Just a decent guy doing his best to bring some return to the original owner's family and employees.

Bob Pellow


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