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Product Code and Coil Springs

Trying to order rear coil springs for a 94 940 sedan. Tasca says given my VIN I should be ordering a different part, # 6819404. This returns a spring for a wagon marked C. I would like to know if someone has product plate information that will identify the suspension, especially the coil spring.

Unfortunately, I replaced the coil springs several years ago, so I can't check the original for color markings, etc. The car did fine, but now it is sitting too low in the rear. I used 1273977 at that time.

My next question is if 6819404 is for a wagon but were in fact used on my sedan from the factory, would IPD's overload coil springs work? Tasca rep and a few other places say it would ride too high. Is that true even if the original spring was for a wagon?

And one final fact. Volvopartswebstore shows both 1273977 and 6819404 as for sedan and wagon. What's the difference between the two, other than price? Nordicar shows that 1273977 is a standard spring for a wagon and 6819404 is a heavy duty spring for a sedan and gives two additional part numbers for HD on wagons and standard on sedans.

So, again, can the HD sedan spring be replaced by IPD's overload coils? How much of a difference is there between HD sedan springs and HD wagon springs?


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