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1985 244 does not run -- yet. 200 1985

Recap of my story so far, in chronologic order:

I have a white, nice running 1985 244 sedan purchased for $450. The car is zippy, good power. My favorite for a daily 30 mile commute.

I notice that power seems reduced. Sluggish acceleration. Can still manage to attain freeway speeds.

Then, car won't start. Cranks well, but no cough. Fuel pumps working. Spark at plugs. No fuel injector pulses when cranking. When ignition is switched to KP-2, fuel relay isn't operating (no internal clicks). At KP-2, no power to orange wire at Air Mass Meter.

Checked and cleaned (with Deoxit) 25 amp fender fuse and wires. Cleaned and reinstalled fuse box and connections. Cleaned terminals and harness connections --ICU, ECU, grey connector on firewall, ignition switch, etc.

Installed a used ECU. Fuel relay begins clicking on KP-2 again. Car now starts after lots of cranking, but it won't idle and dies frequently. On a test drive, the vehicle operates only at low speed with stalling imminent.

Installed a used ICU. No change.

Now in the process of checking if the timing belt skipped teeth on the sprockets. Can't get the lower timing cover off yet -- waiting to recieve a 24mm socket to remove the crank pulley.

When I get the cover off I will check all three pulley marks for alignment, then install a new timing belt, belt tensioner, fuel pump, cam and crankcase seals, and four replacement belts.

Here is a photo of the upper timing belt cover removed. With the camshaft timing mark aligned at TDC on cylinder #1, I can't see a timing mark anywhere near the crank pulley/timing degree scale. Is this significant?


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