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544 Wiper/Washer Woes 444-544 1962

I think the PO had the dash out and put back poorly, because many of my problems are result of things just disconnected. After a couple rounds of poking around up under there I got the heater door and temp control valve working, but then came to wiper/washer system. I got the bar that connect motor to wiper arms back in place, but am missing the bolt/nut that runs thru that U-shaped connector where the 2 arms join.
Then realized whole assembly is loose because the bolt & rubber bushing way up at top of the plate that connections to cowl isn’t there.
Then I removed switch to sort out those connections and realized (thanks to Ron’s article) that I have a 122 type wiper switch on my 544!
Plus my washer pump motor is a rusted mass, but the motor can be unbolted from the cap and the pump, and that cap with the clear plastic shaft and intake actually looks to be in pretty good shape.
Does anyone have source for just the 12v pump motor by itself?
How about the rubber bushing (658147) & bolt (955272-0) for the wiper bracket?
And the nut (955274-6) & bolt (955781-0) for the connector arm?
And while at it I’ll need 3 x washers (955893-3).


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New 1 544 Wiper/Washer Woes [444-544][1962]
posted by  phkarns  on Sun Apr 8 10:44 CST 2018 >

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