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M41 cry for help - update 120-130

Hi Brickboard family,

Thank you for all of your responses. I thought I would post an update.

Firstly, I found out who the CEO was of UPS, and wrote him a paper letter to the corp HQ in Atlanta which I sent via UPS Next Day Air. So we'll see if my tear soaked paper will move him to help from the top down.

Last night I was sitting, pining for my transmission (actually pining for the fjords would have been accurate here) when I thought to look on Facebook. Sure enough, UPS have a FB page. What's more, they have a chat thingy which had good feedback on their response time.

So I wrote them a quick email (this was about Midnight EDT) and someone called Jasmine popped up within 2 minutes with the canned story (well the system says blah). My response was - look, I don't care what the system says, you must have it there, its big...etc, can I come over and look for it and drive the 250 miles to New Stanton.

15 mins later someone called Kevin appears. Turns out he is the social media channel guru of stuff like this, and asks me to email pix and my details. He must have been dragged out of bed or something as he is East Coast too. He has a "team" at New Stanton and he has promised to look for said tranny on Monday when he is in the office. So I emailed him, got a confirmation from him as well as UPS's autoresponder so it got there.

So I do feel slightly hopeful having gotten through to a person and not just gotten the canned response. I will update you with what, if anything, I find out on Monday.

I don't know if it helped but rather than open a can of whoop ass, all my communications with UPS were saccharine sweet (maybe nutrasweet these days?), conjuring an image of me rocking in a darkened room listening to Mahler and sobbing over my lost tranny.

I guess if they did drop it I will have to find another case or whatever, use the innards and fix it. It is a zero mile unit, thinking about it - maybe a bent input shaft or cracked cast iron case? Broken off OD unit? Who knows. I guess we'll see. My supplier is an expert at packing so it could be a storm in a teacup. Let's hope so.

Anyways, thanks for all the love, I will keep you posted.



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New 1 M41 cry for help - update [120-130]
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