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Will not start intermittently 200 1990

This started last summer with my '90 240 SW with 352K going for 400. It has a 230F with the LH2.4 system. When I drove slowly over a speed bump in a parking lot the engine died. It would crank but would not fire at first but after cooling off for 15 min. or so, it started normally at I drove home. Checked the obd then and got nothing: 1-1-1. Three more similar incidents happened over the next 4 or five months. Once I was going 35 and ran over some rough pavement and the engine died. I was always able to get it started by immediately turning off the ignition then cranking or when that didn't work, I reset the ECU first. Then about a month ago I had to get it towed home from a grocery store because these methods didn't work. Always got the 1-1-1 code. I put a new in-tank pump and checked both pumps by jumping the yellow/red and red wires at the f/p relay. Both pumps are good (main pump, filter, and relay are 18 mos. old). Fuel pressure checked at 43psi. Drove a couple hundred miles more and it happened again. Nursed it home and swapped IAC valve with a known good one. Thought I fixed it but last week it wouldn't start again at a Home Depot. This time I got a 3-1-1 code (speedo signal missing). What the hell?... Walked home and got my trusty '87 240 sedan and some tools. I always carry a rpm sensor in the '90 so I changed it. The old one had about 60K and I planned to change it anyway. I know the rpm sensor has nothing to do with speedo and I cleared the code. It cranked right up and I drove it home. A couple days ago I was in another parking lot for about 45 min., came out and once again: no start. Tapped on the IAC valve, wiggled connectors: no start. Got the 3-1-1 code again and reset ECU again and it cranked and I got home with a normal operation engine. At this time it sits with 1-1-1 codes for the ECU and EZ. I failed to check the EZ codes before. Can anyone identify with any of this? I'm beginning to think I have a high resistance ground or connector contact and will be checking this next. Thanks, Remy K, Propeller head


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