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What brand flare wrench do you use to open and secure brake lines?

11 mm flare wrench to open the copper-nickel solid brake connection at the flexible brake line hose.

What I have is now is made in Taiwan. How silly. Flare on one end, 12-pt box at the other end of these spanners.

I used to have a small set of SK flare end and box end spanners with 11 and 14 mm, yet left behind during a familial schism late in the last millennium.

While at the salvage yard today, to practice and collect a few extra hose to caliper copper-nickel lines, this made in Taiwan flare end rounded most of the copper-nickel nuts. I forget how I came to owning this flare wrench set. I thought I was doing it wrong. Awful. The flare end does not feel snug. The contact area the flare end presents is narrow. And it feels with some flex at the flare end on the nut.

I would tap with a small hammer deliver a counterclockwise impact to crack at the caliper or hose. Or merely turn counterclockwise. I've not ever had such a failure, using my (former) tools. Yet my skills and touch are not as good, also.

I've read the posts here using the search going back some years.

Snap-On sells an 11 mm wrench for 50+$ with flare and box end. I'm reading tooling opinion forums and what not. eBay, craisglist ....

I'll get some spare copper-nickel lines from FCP Groton. I gave some away I'd collected to help a guy with his brakes on his '86 240 some years ago. Did not replace the stash.

Though, my worry, as in the salvage yard today, is screwing up the copper-nickel lines that connect to the flexi brake hoses at the inner fender. And, with that wrench, I chewed up to of them. I try not to screw up junkyard stuff so the other person can have a go and grab at it. I miss the Spokane and Portland junkyards.

What do you folks recommend, please?

And got three MANN W 917 oil filters.


Replace the front flex brake hoses to pass the MO-state (Misery-state) safety inspection, Macduff. ('Cause no need to check emissions with all the pollution here.)
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