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And home. At last. 1800 1973

Two people, two dogs, and a 1973 1800ES. ~7700 miles. Home after 24 days on the road.

Notable things car related:
1) Stone chip near Badlands NP, South Dakota. Had repaired at a glass shop next morning.
2) Already compromised resinator got hole somewhere in PA due to heavy rains, deep puddles, age. Replaced resinator with straight pipe while waiting for ferry in Cape May, NJ. Oil changed at same time (had filter on hand). Notices slight play in U-joint, did nothing about that.
3) Headlight dimmer relay starts getting funky, somewhere around West Virgina. But kept working.
3.5) Tach getting inconsistent, sometimes reading ~2k high. Sometimes accurate. At one point, pegged. I have a pretty good feel for speed without gauges. No biggie.
3.7) Speedometer quits near Birmingham, Alabama. 5900+ miles into trip, and 99,300 and change on car. Easy to extrapolate total miles from there.
4) Load car nearly to suspension stops in New Harmony, Indiana. Planned to ship the stuff, decided to just take it since its already loaded up.
5) Scary weather. Tornado warnings and tennis ball sized hail warnings. Covered car with blankets and stuff. Thankfully, all major weather passed by.
6) Headlight relay gives up ghost on foggy morning in eastern Colorado. Brights only, which was fine in fog.
7) Very slow drive home in the mountains, dirt roads. Car running hot for the first time for the final 1/4 mile. Will investigate. Also started hearing a clunk in front end. Tie rod or ball joint, maybe a bushing. Will investigate first thing.

Overall, the 40 year old Volvo performed brilliantly. Never skipped a beat, always started instantly. Never anything unexpected.

A fantastic trip, seeing fantastic things, and unexpectedly dropping in on old friends that have not been seen in years and years.

Just fantastic!

Yellow X on the map is home. Route drawn is approximate. Took lots of little side road excursions.

Oh, and at some point in Eastern Kentucky, we decided it'd be a good idea to go to Miami. That was not in the original plan.

All pics of trip at:


-Matt I ♥ my ♂


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