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Driver side power seat cable fix? 900 1993

1993 945T with leather. Driver's seat is full power with heater and memory.

The cable running from the seat motor to the inboard rail has developed, what I now understand is a common problem, of not engaging. The switches and motor all work properly. By getting under the seat and moving the cable I can get the gear to move on the track but that is just temporary.

I researched this problem on the brickboard and other sites and now understand that the repair is to remove the seat and either replace or "fix" the cable. Another "fix" was to zip lock tie the cable in a configuration where it will engage both the motor and gear.

No one showed pictures or described the exact procedure to R&R the cable when the seat is out of the car. Several posters did describe the seat as having been designed by NASA. I now know what they mean.

I was at my favorite wrecking yard today and they had a 94 940 just in. Someone had removed the drivers seat turned it over and taken the SRS module. This gave me an opportunity to see what the power seat mechanism is (switches, controller, 3 motors and 4 cables). It was a very intimidating arrangement!

Since I had been quoted a price of $300 labor and $170 parts have this repair done at an independent Volvo shop I thought I could get these cables and do the job myself.

To make a long story short I could not figure out how to remove the cables without totally disassembling the entire gearing and motor arrangement. At the motor there were two bolts on a bracket that keeps the cable in place but on the track gear I could not find any way (other than opening up the gear assembly )to free up that end of the cable. For the gear boxes that engaged the rails they seemed to be closed units.

Rather than ruin the assembly I gave up (after about an hour).

I have trouble believing that this job approaches the difficulty of heater fan replacement on a 240 but maybe it does.
Is there some easy procedure I am missing?
Are the gear units at the rails an integral part of the cable and is that why they cost $85 each?
Are there non power seats from earlier 940/60s or 740s that would be drop in replacements?

I suspect swapping out 740 seats would not work since the 940 seat is an integral part (both physical and electrical) of the SRS. I am not aware of non power drivers side 940 seats.

Your thoughts would be appreciated

Howard 85 245 and 93 945t


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New 1 Driver side power seat cable fix? [900][1993]
posted by  htnelson  on Sat Jun 26 14:53 CST 2010 >

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