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Yes I am spending close to $1K and this is not a cult..... 200 1986

Today my neighbor was looking at Inga sitting in the garage up on the rack. This is a redneck rack inside the garage, you know four jack stands under each of the jack up points. I was using my fathers day present, a new compressor with air tools to remove the front tires in record time. Was in the process of snapping on my air racket to go after the belly pan blots when he did the stroll up and asked what, besides Inga was up. Told him I was replacing from the exhaust manifold back with all new. Pulling the rack off to get it rebuilt, fixing the two holes in the passenger floor boards (Por Kit is on the way), and getting the rear end new bushings, TAB, and good shocks. Going to drop the oil pan while the rack is out and check the oil breather tube (still have a lot of oil getting in the throttle body) and there is a seep leak in one spot on the gasket. And to top it all off I need two new tires. And there are a couple of other projects that may or may not get done.

When he asked what all this was going to cost, added it up in my head and told him since I was planning on poly on the rear end and good shocks about $1K for all of it. He looked at me like I had lost my mind and said why don't you get rid of this and fix up your wifes 2000 Tarsus SEL or get a new one. The wifes old car is still in really good shape, power and automatic everything, leather, still looks and drives really well. Told him am giving to to my son in law so the kids do not have to take on a car payment. But I am driving it until Inga can get down off the "rack" in a couple of weeks. Regaled him with my master plan to help save the daughter and son in law some money. That way they can start working on that grandkid (no pressure asserted). Grandkids look like a lot of fun and anything to help that process along is in my book deemed worthwhile.

But the bigger reason I was keeping Inga was the 2000 Blue Oval car has 144K on it and it was a matter of time before expensive stuff like the transmission starts going out. I drive about 24 to 30K a year to work and about. The 240 with 90K more miles on it was the best bet to last say three years. He added up the mileage and said that is over 300K. Looked at him and said and according the Brickboard somewhere around 350K that I will most likely have to replace the head gasket. But the engine and tranny should make it per what I read here.

Then he saw the stack of manuals and the pile of BB printouts and asked where did you find all that stuff, the reply was the Brickboard. Did not tell him the Bentley was called the Bible.

He joked and asked if this old Volvo group was some sort of Cult?

Told him I would have to read up on the textbook definition of a Cult but pretty sure it wasn't.

But I can tell he thinks I have a screw or too loose.

Not a Cult,




PS: Yes my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek, but really, not a cult right?


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posted by  Paul Driver of Inga  on Sat Jun 28 16:23 CST 2008 >

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