PICKNPULL - Volvo-Bosch MAF/AMM "Bosch PN 0280218088' $75 (Harrisonville, IL) - Posted 2017-02-25 11:14am


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Volvo-Bosch MAF/AMM "Bosch PN 0280218088' $75 (Harrisonville, IL) - Posted 2017-02-25 11:14am

Volvo-Bosch MAF/AMM "Bosch PN 0280218088" $75 (Harrisonville, IL) - Posted 2017-02-25 11:14am

See advert for more info and to contact seller. Note Bosch box indicates a PN typo as "0280217088", yet on the MAF housing, we have PN "0280218088".

Bosch #: 0 280 218 088
Volvo OE #: 8670398

Fits Volvo:
* Volvo C70 / C70 T5
* Volvo S60 / S60 2.5T / S60 2.5T AWD / S60 R / S60 T5
* Volvo S80 / S80 2.5T / S80 2.5T AWD / S80 3.2
* Volvo V70 / V70 2.5T / V70 R / V70 T5
* Volvo XC70 / XC90 / XC90 2.5T
* Volvo S40 T5 / V50 T5

Verify your model uses this MAF.


"Since I don't have a Volvo anymore I need to sell a Bosch Mass Airflow Sensor. This was bought brand new from a Volvo dealership for $350. I was trying to fix an issue and tried this but it didn't work and then I ended up trading the car. I guarantee it is perfectly fine. Email, call or text with any questions."

Note box label typo in PN. Should be "Bosch PN 0 280 218 088"

No such thing as "Bosch PN 0 280 217 088"

Hope that helps.

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