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A Canadian ordering Auto Parts from US. Be informed.

To all Canadian BrickBoarders out there. Like many of you I am a DIY guy when it comes to my Volvo maintenance (was '96 850 T5 deer death now '06 s60 2.5T AWD .. at least as much as I can do under the apple tree with jacks and what tools I have.
We have auto parts suppliers here in Canada and some of these suppliers offer extensive inventories or can get whatever you need....and there's always the Volvo dealerships of course, but the caveat is that in general terms, auto parts, are far more expensive in Canada than the U.S.. And I'm talking quality name brands here not just Asian knock offs. There are a couple major auto parts stores in the U.S., ipd and Rock Auto, that I regularly use and am very satisfied with both of their inventories and service with one major difference which is what I want to bring to your attention. When you deal with Rock Auto, they include ALL costs including import duties, taxes and delivery costs in your invoice. So here is the thing... ipd on the other hand states openly that you (the buyer) pay no taxes but what they should say is that you pay no taxes to the US government... and also that the invoiced price does NOT cover duties, taxes, fees etc. that are implemented at the border. Alas I had forgotten this and I recently purchased a few items from ipd and was invoiced $68.92. Today I received an invoice from FedEx that includes 3.35 for "customs duty", 7.70 for HST (our "general" sales tax), 15.45 "clearance entry fee", 10.00 "advancement fee", and another 3.31 HST on "ADV / Ancillary Service" fees totalling $39.81 additional fees on a $68.92 order. A 58% added cost.
So Canadian buyer beware! Make absolutely certain that your US supplier is including all costs of delivery if you are shipping outside the US. I'm surprised ipd has this policy when others are all-inclusive. But they should at least make foreign buyers aware that there WILL be additional costs. Personally I'm going to do business where I KNOW what the items are going to cost. No phantom fees. No surprises. I know... this is NOT ipd's fault... it's my government. BUT I believe their statement you never have to pay taxes should state clearly "applies to US orders only" Does anyone out there have good, fair, general parts suppliers not mentioned here... Canadian or American (that export) with Total Costs (all inclusive) on their invoice? Thanks.

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