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Advocating the Brickboard in Volvo Facebook Groups

Hi Jarrod,

I will contact you.

UK Volvo Owners Club Forum


You have to nav to the 900/90 forum. The posts indicate the FAQ is owned by the VCOA. The 700 forums mention the FAQ yet the update is I guess the same as hosted here on your brickboard.com.

I'm at the issue to get a technical writer job.

I'd rather have the job and begin your process to clean up the 700-900 FAQ. The Volvo 700-900 FAQ is hosted at several sites so far as I can tell, and the version is current elsewhere with the version here.

Else, maybe beginning now will help. I can hack at JavaScript, yet HTML 3-4 is about it. I can work with CSS I see you use to control tables and such.

I'll contact you.

Hope that helps. Wish I had a big bag of money to drop into your brickboard.com.

I'll add the donate link, yet so that it opens as a blank into a new tab.

Also helps that people should disable ad-block.

Maybe you can raise rates by a penny or so with the google or other ad service? Maybe a closer facebook integration? I dunno.

Consumer price index and dollar devaluation continue apace. Rather really rapidly in the last 25-30 years. Ask how much the unit value for your ad price was when you started. And see how many currency units reflect the same value.

Sorry to go on. Thank you for your brickboard.com.

Help my morning warm-up, yet I admit, and rather tensely, the misinformation on the various facebook RWD forums is shocking.

If Klaus or some other AWD/FWD forums users engage the AWD/FWD facebook groups, the, maybe they find the same thing?

I include posts like "Art Benstein does not 'facebook' " (so far as I know!). Yet the name Art Benstein is known on these forums. I link user to Art't cleanflametrap and to sites with other info.
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New Advocating the Brickboard in Volvo Facebook Groups
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