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Low Beam Replacement Bulbs 2004 V70R Wagon

Hiya nyrodoc,

You'd ask this question in the front wheel drive / all wheel drive forum:

An iPd illustration helps you:

Your owner manual indicates the type headlamp bulb for your trim package. You'll ask the AWD forum folks the question. They'll ask for your package level.

I guess you have a V70 R? So the iPd image is inaccurate, then? I dunno.

Am unsure if you your 2004 V70 uses the dual-filament lo/hi beam HB4A/9006XS or separate low beam and high beam bulbs. Your question intimates separate bulbs.

If separate bulbs, low beam is H7 Xenon. High beam is 9005 Xenon. There exist disdain for coated bulbs in blue as Sylvania does. Try Osram and Phillips and ???

Halogen bulbs age and so become dim after the original 200-300 hours of service or so. Duty cycle varies between bulbs. The brighter and fancier bulbs the shorter the life before beginning the fade. If your bulbs are 10-15 years old, and the bulbs should show manufacture date

You'd get the bulb model base, yet can be brighter (lumens or candle foot power) at maybe a 10W or so current upgrade for each side? Alternatively, LED bulbs may satisfy your need. LED appears to be better and better for performance, reliability, and cost. They all use a ballast and heat sink. Some have a fan in the heat sink.

Sylvania Bulb Picker by Year, Make, Model:


And your owner manual or see the Volvo owner manual website.

Original image here in full size on this page:


SuperBright LED URL with 2004 V70 chosen. I guess separate low and high beam headlight bulbs? Yet asks for submodel.


Hope that helps you. Questions? Duffed.

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New Low Beam Replacement Bulbs 2004 V70R Wagon
posted by  nyrodoc  on Sun Mar 3 22:18 CST 2019 >

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