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I MISS SIL! + anyone heard from Snoot?

Go read Sil's last post, I missed it the 1st time around when I was AFK, but when I found and read it, I cried. Amongst all the posters here, Sil was the most centred in nature and politics, and a well rounded goodguy. If America had more people like Sil, I actually might visit the place properly. I want to cross Canada with a few trips over the border, I guess I can cross Maine off my list.

Anyone seen Snoot? I sent him emails and they bounce & I lost his brothers email, I fear my friend in Montana maybe a permanent AFK too. :(


As for Stick, well just go read his last posts & I think you'll see that the concept of Karma does not apply to him.....


New Stickbuilder bites the big one
posted by  bulletproof  on Fri Aug 31 18:44 CST 2018 >

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