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For Sale / Parts

RWD Volvo parts
Cost: 1.00 USD (BEST OFFER)
State: NY
Country: US
Entered: 06-25-2019
Expires: 08-20-2019
posted by Volvo From Heck <David Zipkin>
For Sale / Parts

Volvo 242 244 parts collection. [200][1976]
Cost: 100.00 USD (BEST OFFER)
State: NC
Country: US
Entered: 06-11-2019
Expires: 08-06-2019
posted by jvol <J.S.>
For Sale / Parts

Volvo 240 parts[200][1987]
Cost: 50.00 USD (BEST OFFER)
State: TX
Country: US
Entered: 05-25-2019
Expires: 07-20-2019
posted by kourt99 <Kourtney de Haas>
Wanted / Parts

Need front calipers for 1993 with ABS[200][1993]
State: VA
Country: US
Entered: 05-23-2019
Expires: 07-18-2019
posted by Bowshocker <Ryan Waits>
For Sale / Parts

Bosch 0280 000 561 ECU[200]
Cost: 50.00 USD (FIRM)
State: AZ
Country: US
Entered: 05-12-2019
Expires: 07-07-2019
posted by UBER_245 <Max Schofield>
Wanted / Parts

WTB 1800ES rear window striker[1800][1973]
State: AZ
Country: US
Entered: 05-06-2019
Expires: 07-02-2019
posted by bkap <Bruce Kaplan>
For Sale / Parts

Chrome Roof rack,,[700][1990]
Cost: 45.00 USD (FIRM)
State: NJ
Country: US
Entered: 05-02-2019
Expires: 06-27-2019
posted by Blindboy <Peter s Mulshine>
For Sale / Parts

New in Box Factory heated power mirror kit[700][1989]
Cost: 200.00 USD (BEST OFFER)
State: IN
Country: US
Entered: 04-28-2019
Expires: 06-26-2019
posted by oldschoolways <Phillip L Davis>
For Sale / Parts

DASHBOARD - NEW IN BOX 940 (91-3); 740 (91-2)[900][1993]
Cost: 300.00 USD (BEST OFFER)
State: NH
Country: US
Entered: 12-05-2009
Expires: 04-23-2157
posted by spook <J.E. Simkin>
Wanted / Parts

Looking for radio[700][1990]
Entered: 03-28-2017
Expires: 07-24-2021
posted by schmooze <JimB>
For Sale / Parts

Set of Used IPD Sway Bars 200 Series 25 /23 m[200]
Cost: 250.00 USD (FIRM)
State: FL
Country: US
Entered: 09-28-2017
Expires: 01-22-2021
posted by pageda <pageda>
For Sale / Parts

544 B18 1962 Parts 10.00 each OBO[444-544][1962]
Cost: 10.00 USD (BEST OFFER)
State: FL
Country: US
Entered: 06-30-2010
Expires: 07-03-2019
posted by mooseybear <Robert T. Bezdek>
For Sale / Parts

95 940 sedan taillights (3 of em)[900][1995]
Cost: 35.00 USD (FIRM)
State: FL
Country: US
Entered: 10-07-2011
Expires: 04-29-2028
posted by miracleman49 <Dennis>
For Sale / Parts

S60 Fog lights[S60][2005]
Cost: 100.00 USD
State: NY
Country: US
Entered: 11-18-2010
Expires: 06-03-2032
posted by peter <Peter Ross>
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