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Is a Volvo OEM front windshield better than after market windshields? 850 1996

Hello All,

I have a '96 850 GLT wagon (5 spd) with just over 200,000 miles on it with the original windshield. Due to small stones and pebbles over the years, the windshield has so many scratches (no cracks) that it is difficult sometimes to see out of the windshield when you are heading into the afternoon sun. I have full glass on my auto insurance policy, and my insurance carrier will pick-up the entire cost without deductible. I have been told by the insurance company representative, and this has been confirmed by independent glass shops, that my insurance company may not pay for a Volvo OEM window because of the age of the car. My question is: Is it worthwhile to pay the additional cost out-of-pocket for a Volvo OEM windshield, or just sit back, pay nothing, and have an "after market" windshield installed instead?

I have received contradicting advice. The owner of my independent Volvo repair shop was for most of the 90s, the head of the service dept. of the local Volvo dealer. He said he wasn't impressed with the glass Volvo used. Customer's with new cars would come back a few months after buying a car, and complain about all the scratches on the windshield. Volvo refused to pay for a new windshield. The customer would pay to have a new Volvo OEM windshield installed, and a few months later would have the same problem with scratches. This was not an isolated incident, but was common.

Meanwhile, the owner of a glass shop that installs numerous windows on new and late model Volvos has told me he has seen no difference in the durability or quality of Volvo OEM windshields in comparison to after market ones. The only difference is price - which he agreed my insurance carrier may not spring for due to the age of the car. If I really want a Volvo OEM windshield, the insurance carrier will give my a credit for "X" dollars, but I would have to pay the difference for the additional cost of a Volvo OEM window.

The car is in great shape - I take good care of it. I wouldn't be surprised, assuming it doesn't get totaled in accident, to put another 100,000 on the car before retiring it. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. Thanks in advance to all who respond.



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