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Solved! OBD2 P0455 - Evap Gross Leak

Hey all,

Just FYI, I finally solved my iteration of the common P0455 code, which is officially:

P0455 Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Detected (gross leak/no flow)

A review of the archives indiates this is usually a loose gas cap, filling tank with car on, a sticking purge valve, or cracks in the filler tube of the gas tank, and is common on the X70 line of vehicles.

I tried the gas cap, no go. I tried checking the lines for cracks between the tank and the purge valve, no go. I then changed out the purge valve, it fixed it!

NOTE: For ME7 Bosch ECU vehicles, for 1999 X70s, there is a volvo TechNET note on this (No. 23-14), which indicates an update to the part number from the original (which there were a few) to the new number 9470775. There is also one for the Denso ECU cars, which is 8627005 for the valve, and there are different updates for them based on turbo vs. non.

NOTE2: The new part number requies a software update, function ID 378, PN 8633506 for the ME7 S/V70s.

Now, I don't know how critical the software update is, but its a small thing to get done.

Thats all:)


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