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Help with an S80 T6 Oil Leak S80 1999

I am the recent purchaser of a 1999 S80 T6 with about 73k miles. My wife and I love the car. It rides smoothe and has the feel of a luxury car with sports car horsepower. When we bought the car, I knew it had an oil leak. I am no mechanic, but I work on cars myself, so I figured no big deal. I looked into it before purchasing and found the dipstick cracked and some oil leaking from both turbo oil return lines. I replaced the dipstick and the oil return line seals and most of the leak is gone. Now I have a leak from the front of the engine that slowly leaks down and drips off of the oil filter plastic cover. I replace the gasket on the cover, but still leaks and it appears to be coming from somewhere above the cover. With the intake manifold other things there it is impossible to see. Can someone help with suggestions or possibly what might be leaking leak before I tear the entire front of the engine apart. Any web sites that show the schematic of the engine front.
Thanks in advance


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New Help with an S80 T6 Oil Leak [S80][1999]
posted by  volvodoe  on Tue Jan 13 15:20 CST 2004 >

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