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Nail in tire on a V60 S60

There's no V60 so I'll post on the S60.

I have a slow leak in the left rear tire and found a nail in the tire. Went to the dealer and they said it is not repairable, another tire place said the same thing. I didn't think it was that close to the sidewall but apparently things aren't what they used to be????

So the dealer quoted me two tires, installed and out the door for $516. Hm, I wasn't ready to spend $500 on tires, I was ready to have a tire fixed. Time to go tire shopping.

Tire shopping at local shops and I find that the 235 40 18 is not as available as I might have hoped. Online I go and start seeing Kumho tires. Yes I remember them because I used to run Jaguar's and I really liked Kumho's on those cars. I can get some Kumho Solus TA71 - 235/40R18XL 95W for $121 each and probably another $13 (each) for install.

Has anybody used Kumho on their Volvo?

The current tires have 6/32 remaining on them, they are Continental ContiProContact. The dealer said they they don't use ContiPro's because they don't last as long.

In my area at an independent tire shop, I can get Kumho Solus for $145 each installed and out the door. The dealer said because the car is AWD on demand, not constant, I can just do the two rear tires.

I'm leaning to getting all four at once.

I'm open for suggestions. I run about 5,500 miles a year and at 66 years old I'm not looking for a performance type of drive.


New Nail in tire on a V60 [S60]
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