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Codes 0410 and 0130 V70-XC70 1998

ok 98 v70 n/a. 205k miles. My aux air pump has started making noise over the past few months so I knew it was on its last legs [I replaced it 10 yrs ago with a VW pierburg unit that I modified to match the v70]. anyhow, it set off a CEL last week. Code P0410. I reset it and ordered a pump. fast forward to yesterday. My son came home and said car cut off several times and that the CEL was back. I read the codes. Now P0410 and P0103. Knowing the aux pump really doesn't affect the running I checked it over. replaced a deteriorated vacuum line elbow and cleaned the MAF sensor. Took it for a drive. runs ok but occasionally stumbles and cuts off. will start right back up and drive normally. I searched around for a new MAF. I would ordinally buy the Bosch stuff but geez--at least $199 for this. I didn't want the el chaeapo stuff for like $20 so I compromised and ordered a Delphi unit for about $85. Delphi stuff i have used previously was ok. Anyone have experience with the Delphi MAF for Volvos?


New Codes 0410 and 0130 [V70-XC70][1998]
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