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How to tell if my used 2007 Volvo XC90 has AWD? XC90 2007

Hi, I really need some help from the kind folks on this message board.

I'm in a bit of a pickle because I had to trade in my failing 1990 Volvo 240 wagon yesterday. (My mechanic just worked on it, and got it running, but said it was on its last legs at 361,000 km. And I've owned enough of them to know when it's time to let go.)

More importantly, I traded it in towards a 2007 XC90 3.2. Problem is that the back panels were replaced due to a fender bender, and it doesn't say anything at all, not even the VOLVO logo.

Now I need to prove to my husband that I bought an AWD or he'll make me take it back, and try and get our money back.

I honestly think it probably is AWD because it's the one thing I asked the salesman for. It also has premium options, including leather interior, CD changer, moonroof, parking assist, etc. I was also originally purchased in Edmonton, Alberta, where no one in their right mind wouldn't want AWD.

That said, is there a way for me to look under the car or something to confirm it has AWD? We need to do a big winter road trip to visit family this winter, and we desperately need that feature.

Whatever the case, thank you for reading. And I look forward to your thoughts!


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