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fog lights (aka: the never ending tune up) 850

I replaced the front fog light bulbs on my 97 850, but I get nothing.

Headlights are on, nothing. I checked the fuse (#18 I believe), it was fine.

Unless I installed the bulbs wrong (somehow), I'm kinda wondering if it's one of the relays (I think there is a relay in the fuse box area, and 2 under the steering wheel area)?

I watched a few videos on how to check those to see if they're working or not, so I'm confident that I could decipher that...but if one (or more) of the relays are toast, are they a part that can be fixed? Or would I just need to replace them?

I'm also wondering if the rear fog lights are just bad bulbs...or bulb. I know that there is an open slot on the drivers side rear taillight, that is not matched with the passenger side. I kind of that's the slot for the rear fog light...I think it corresponds with the fog light diagram I saw online.

Eventually I'll get a chance to tackle the AC, and other (open ended) threads I have going on here, so they are "resolved".
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New fog lights (aka: the never ending tune up) [850]
posted by  Shaughnessy  on Thu Jul 18 22:12 CST 2019 >

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