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Mystery liquid C70 2007

Daughter has told me that on several occasions there has been a pool of liquid under the rear of her 2007 C70. She noticed it when gassing up but also just randomly. I haven't seen it yet and it seems to have stopped.

She knows what gasoline smells like and also that trans fluid is red, coolant is greenish, etc. She dipped her fingers in it and said it had no smell, and seemed like water.

I thought, ok, condensate from the AC, but at the rear of the car? Nothing spilled in the trunk, the top wasn't down in the rain, just a mystery.

It happened again today. She texted me that the car wouldn't start immediately as usual but had to crank it a couple of times. She was low on gas, 40 miles to empty, so she filled it up. Noticed the liquid again, but no gasoline smell.

I won't be able to check it out till Friday but unless there's a leak in the muffler and condensate is dripping out, I have no idea what could be coming from the rear.

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New Mystery liquid [C70][2007]
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