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Cam position sensor 850 1995

My 850 wouldn't start the other day, and I wasn't home! I checked the fuel, that was OK. Then I checked OBDI and got 3-1-4, cam position sensor failure. Fortunately, resetting the code allowed the engine to start and I drove home.

I ordered a Meyele CPS for $28 and stuffed it in the car.

I later examined the original 1995 CPS. No moving parts, nothing to wear out? The piece of metal that senses the cam movement had a little grunge on it, that cleaned off with a paper towel. The male prongs of the connector had a light coating of green - corrosion which came off with an old toothbrush.

As far as I am concerned, I now have an old stock, working CPS on my workbench. It will probably go another 182,000 miles.

Nice side benefit, the new rear cam seal that I put in 2 years ago is working just fine!

Keeping it running is better than buying new


New Cam position sensor [850][1995]
posted by  KlausC  on Mon Jul 1 15:25 CST 2019 >

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