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Odd A/C Problem V70-XC70 2003

I’m having a problem with my 03 V70 with 240,000-ish miles. The AC will run all day long as long as I’m moving down the road or not standing still for too long. Sit in the line at a fast food joint and the compressor will stop running. Turning the AC switch on and off will alter the engine idle a bit but there won’t even be a click noise from the clutch which makes me think the problem is something other than the clutch gap. If I shut it off and run in a store for a few minutes the AC will work fine when I return. That is until I come to a stand still again.

The gauge on my cheapy refrigerant fill hose says the low pressure port pressure is right in the green zone with the compressor running at idle. I didn’t look at the gauge with RPMs elevated nor have I checked the high pressure port pressure to get an idea how well the compressor is performing.

I am not seeing the volume of evaporator drip that I would expect in our humid climate.

I’ve sucked the lint out of the cabin temp sensor.

The engine temp is steady at mid point. The radiator fan is turning on as expected.

What am I missing?

A couple questions: Where is the pressure switch located and what is the allowable gap in the clutch (when disengaged).


New Odd A/C Problem [V70-XC70][2003]
posted by  Chris Mullet  on Mon Jun 17 22:43 CST 2019 >

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