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P0304 code V70-XC70 1999

I examined the coil connector plug. It looked fine. Since I had the fan & the intercooler pipe out(the big curvy plastic pipe that runs from the top of the radiator to the bottom of the electronic throttle body), I temporarily reconnected the pipe and ran the car without the fan.

I pulled off the cover over the fuel injector connectors, started the car and pulled the connector off of the # 4 injector. The engine slowed down briefly & sped up. I tried this a couple of times with the same result. Then, as a control, I pulled the injector off of # 3. Exactly the same response. This told me that #4 cylinder was firing, ruling out a wiring problem to the coil or fuel injector.

I am a big believer that, when you do a job and suddenly have a new problem, the problem was caused by something you did in the job you just finished. Since the P0304 code appeared after replacing the motor mounts, and there is nothing around the mounts that could cause it, the only other part of the motor mount job that did not directly apply to the mounts was removing the fan & intercooler pipe to gain access to the upper bolt on the front mount. I then sprayed carburetor cleaner around and under the intake manifold. The engine appeared to speed up a bit when I sprayed under the manifold. I then removed and carefully examined the intercooler pipe. There was a small amount of debris around the end of the pipe that connects to the throttle body.

I made sure the pipe was clean, not cracked, and carefully seated, and then took the car for a 4 mile drive. No codes. I then reassembled the car drove it through the Inspection readiness drive cycle (about 20 miles), until my code reader showed green (meaning ready for inspection), and drove straight the a Smog Inspection station, where it passed with 3 days to go before my registration is due.

So, was the P0304 code caused by a leak at the throttle body, either due to debris or the an incomplete installation due to the fact that you cannot see that point and have to install it entirely by feel? I do not know. But, for now it is code-free.


New P0304 code [V70-XC70][1999]
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