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right side mirror S80 2008

It wasn't hard. For some odd reason, there are videos online about changing mirrors on an S60, but I couldn't find anything on the S80. At any rate, the mirror kind of snaps off the mounting; one video recommended using something like a tongue depressor (which is what I used) to push at the inside (near door) side of the mirror while gently pulling at the outside edge, after shoving the mirror so the inside edge is in as far as it goes.

I had to get out the WD-40 to free up the two connections for the mirror heater; those little push-on connectors just loved the old mirror and didn't want to leave.

One thing different on the S80 from the videos I found on the S60 is that there are two little nylon fingers on the back of the mirror (visible in the photo, if it uploads). These go into slots in the mirror housing, and do something (no idea what). New ones came on the new part from FCP, but they'd be easy enough to change out from the old part if needed. It's a little tricky feeding them into the slots; a small flashlight of the free-with-a-coupon-from-Harbor-Freight type was very helpful here. Then it's a matter of gently pushing on the mirror until you're confident that it's all clicked into place.

Not as obvious or inexpensive as the mirrors on my 1949 Studebaker truck (Jr. West Coast mirrors - four screws to remove the two retainers, then put in a piece of mirror glass from the glass store), but just about as quick.


New right side mirror [S80][2008]
posted by  Bill Houghton  on Wed May 15 11:04 CST 2019 >

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