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2006 S60 2.5 T AWD - oil in turbo exit line. S60 2006

Recently had to replace my beloved '96 850 T because of a deer on the road on a rainy night. I wept.
I loved that car and we had been through a lot together making good use of the brickyard... thanks to
all contributors over the years. Replaced it with a 2006 S60 2.5 T AWD and have done a lot of preemptive and necessary items to get it up to scratch... fluids, plugs. coils, injectors etc.
A few weeks back i started getting the P2111 OBD code and intermittently had a car in limp mode.
I looked at cleaning but opted for a new one as I just thought that it could be dirt and it could be electronics and I certainly couldn't tell and was only going to do the job once so replaced it with a OM Bosch throttle body. When I had the hoses off to the Turbo, I noticed that there was some oil residue in the exit hose from the turbo.
Question ... my friend thinks it may be a leaky o ring in the turbo and that this is not fixable as it is inside the turbo body. The turbo seems to be working reasonably well although its "feel" is quite different than the 850 Turbo that kicked in and let you know you had boost.... comparatively I find that the S60 sort of eases into boost. Anyway... any thoughts on this from anyone as to the cause of oil and also if it is a leaky turbo then can you confirm this somehow. replacing the Turbo is big bucks and I don't want to do this until necessary.
Has anyone replaced the Turbo cartridge core and rebuilt themselves... would that fix my issue?
The cores are a lot cheaper that the whole Turbo... the video looks fairly easy... which always makes me suspicious. Anyway... your thoughts would be welcomed.


New 2006 S60 2.5 T AWD - oil in turbo exit line. [S60][2006]
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