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Frothy oil - solved V70-XC70 1999

The frothy oil problem turned out to be from one of the o-rings between the pan and the block. I had the same heart-shaped o-ring that is shown in the "how to r&r the oil pan" page byecbsykes on matthewsvolvosite.com.

I have no idea how an o-ring that is installed in a groove can deform like that, but mine did exactly what this other car did. In my engine, the 2 o-rings between the oil pan and the sump had hardened, but all 3 of the o-rings for oil pick-up tubes were still soft & pliable. (But since I had the kit, I replaced them anyway.)

Here is the link to the full page of how to do the job:

What I would add to these instructions are:
1. If you raise the right side engine high enough (about 1.5 - 2"), lower the rear of the pan enough to clear the bell housing and the pan should be able to clear the frame as you move it back toward the left side.
2. On turbo models, there is a pipe that has a bracket bolted to the rear side of the oil pan at the upper right. You have to remove this bolt. But, if you follow the pipe around the front of the engine, you will see another bolt to the right of the harmonic balancer. If you remove this bolt, the pipe will be less of a problem with getting in the way of removing or replacing the oil pan.

Also, someone posted that the oil cooler and dipstick tube o-rings are not in the kit. The oil cooler seals are not in the kit, but the dipstick tube seal is in there.

If, for some reason, you only want to buy the two seals between the oil pan & the block, they should be available separately. They are items 8 and 9 on this page:


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